Currently, once a test set is created (and perhaps initiated in a Sprint), the only methods to add additional tests to this test set is by creating a new (manual) test. Along with the "Add inline" and "Add" options, there should also be the option to "Add existing" tests, where the user could search through existing Regression Tests to add to the current test set.


  • As an example of where this is needed - I have a Test Suite called "UI Component" that has 6 regression tests in it. I've generated a Test Set called "Component Test Round 1" that has these 6 tests included. I now want to add a 7th regression test to the "UI Component" suite and add this same regression test to the "Component Test Round 1" set.

    I can add another regression test to the "UI Component" suite by adding a new regression test to the regression test list but there isn't a way to add this new regression test to the "Component Test Round 1" set.

    I can add another test to the "Component Test Round 1" set using the Add menu item on the Test Set details dialog but this simply adds a new test to the set - it does not add it to either the regression test list or the test suite. It simply seems to be a floating or one time test.

    From the test details dialog, I can create a regression test from this test and then I could manually add it to the "UI Component" suite but this seems like a long way around.

    As mentioned in the original posting, it would be much easier if we could just add an existing regression test to the test set.

    We are using Excel to load new regression tests and this ability to add regression tests to test sets would allow us to quickly load a new set of regression tests and then add them to the sets where they are used.

  • I have created several test set from suites due my regression plans, the only issue that i faced was, i did upload more test from a spreadsheet, however i cannot add those to an existing set.
    V1 only allows to add extra tests with the inline function. How i can add extra items, for example using the Tags?

    This will be super helpful.

  • Please add the existing regression test into the test sets