I need to see my previous historical sprints information exactly as I do for current and future sprint tracking for my project. Right now, when a sprint is closed out, those are unavailable for viewing in sprint tracking. So, just need all historical info to be available that way from the time/date of project origination up through current and future as well. Should not have to open a sprint up again to view it this way as I may just want to quickly peruse old sprints to see my tasks and others as things progressed without opening and closing, opening and closing, etc over and over again.


  • You can always view the contents of previously closed sprints using the main Backlog page under Product Planning. Just enable the Show Closed filter selection and you are free to choose any close sprint (or just include them all) within that view. You also have the option of viewing task/test level details in a tree format there just as you do in Sprint Planning and Sprint Tracking.

  • The suggestion in the official response did not work for me. When I enabled the Show Closed filter selection, I only get the options [None] and [All]--the specific sprints are not listed. Was this functionality added sometime after Version

  • I agree with Andrea.
    What we need is a snapshot of closed sprint's taskboard and testboard.
    Historical snapshot is a must have.

    Can V1 team suggest how to upvote or put feature request so that it can be considered with priority?

  • I agree. This makes it hard to review the prior closed sprint. Please add this option

  • I also think this would be a great feature. It is frustrating to only view the most recently ended iteration. I would like to have the "current sprint view" style available for previous sprints.

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