Request the ability to add a custom field with type hyperlink. This would be useful in providing a quick link in any grid view that would take the user to a specific address, for instance, when field is in reference to an external web tool, such as a bug tracking tool.


  • In addition, we'd like to be able to compose the custom link field from data from the asset. These custom link fields would need three components: a text value in every asset instance, and a static hyperlink pattern. An optional Default value to be used as the Display Text if variable data is not used.

    Text values entered in this field are then inserted into a hyperlink pattern to compose the final URL. The entered text value becomes the hyperlink's display text, and the completed hyperlink with the field's value substituted per the pattern (syntax of your choice) becomes the actual link.

    If the hyperlink pattern contains no substitution syntax, it is merely a static link.

    Link field name: Custom_PartNoLink
    Link field Pattern:
    Value of Custom_PartNoLink in instance of an asset record:
    Display of Custom_PartNoLink in grids and views:
    "P-0123456" (As display text of web link - underlined, etc.)
    Value of Hyperlink after pattern substitution: