The Scope Change report has huge potential to be an extremely useful report. However, it lacks a few key components. First, the start and end dates should be customizable. When I'm looking at a single iteration, I want the ability to filter out the first day of the iteration. Changes made during planning day muddy the results and make what could be a wonderful report fairly useless.

The rest are nice-to-haves, but would really increase the usability of the report:
- allow the user to customize the columns that are displayed in the report ("Team" for example, which is another request)
- allow the user to export the results of the report.

These changes would greatly increase the utility of this report.




  • The start and end date filters remain editable even after you've selected an iteration/sprint. Just select your iteration and then change the start date to be one day later. All of your planning day muddiness will be gone.

  • There is a high desirability to be able to customize the report to include specific fields as columns. Right now the report columns are minimal.

  • would like to have more fields in scope change report...list split to information to know if something was split or just closed if it was removed from the sprint

  • The dates can be edited, but should get filled in with the sprint start and stop dates when I select a sprint. That is not happening for me, at least.

  • Really need to have the Team field added to the report. For Scaled Agile Programs this is critical.

  • Agree that I would like to be able to customize the fields which display on the report; specifically to add additional fields.
    I would like to see the field values as of the date specified in the End Date filter.

  • Need to see the stories at the beginning of the sprint and any added/removed during the sprint.

  • I believe the Features Scope Change report will be very helpful for a Program Team to see how their PI is going. For example this report can be executed to see if any features were added during a PI and/or removed from a PI.

  • Scope Change report should also provide with ability to configure columns and 2 important columns to consider are "Parent Portfolio Item" and "Current Iteration / Iteration Moved to" these will give a Scrum Master right view of what "Feature" was changed and where the story is presently targeted to and within what sprint.

  • The existing Scope Change report is a Project Scope change report. I was told by V1 support team when I raised a support ticket for an issue in the report.

    It seems to user that the existing Scope Change Report is Sprint Scope change report on first time viewing ,but it is not.

    Requesting V1 to enhance this to a "Sprint Scope Change Report" which would be a simple report of what was added / removed or changed estimates for a sprint from the Planning Day to the date selected in the drop down.

    It should also report changes that span a range of time, unlike the current report looks at those dates only calculates the differences (or deltas) between the two to show the current report.