When you get more than 10 test cases in a story it make the TestBoard hard to use. Trying to find new items brought into the sprint or looking for a specific story is difficult. If there was a custom option to limit the number of items in any column for a specific Story, it would make the page more readable. You could also add a "more" button if there are more tests to be shown.


  • The problem is being able to read test cases in this view. The tool should do much better job with readability.

  • See/Vote for this idea as an alternate solution which could apply to TestBoard as well?
    Storyboard Column Headings Remain at Top of Screen when Scrolling
    by: David B. | 19 hours ago | User InterfaceYou've cast your
    Allow for user to specify that column headings on Storyboard and Taskboard can be locked to top of screen. That way, when the screen is scrolled down to display contents, column headings will be retained at top of screen. This is similar to the “Freeze Panes” function in Excel.