When adding links to other backlog items or defects, I should have the ability to indicate the link as bi-directional so that I don't have to create the link on Story A and paste it into Story B, then create the link on Story B and paste it into Story A.

Also, when linking items within V1, the system should know the description. The current process makes it cumbersome to add links for items within the application.

Step 1; access item to be linked
Step 2: create link
Step 3: access item to link to
Step 4: select Link
Step 5: select Add Link
Step 6: copy Link
Step 7: Manually type in the description or return to the story in Step 1 and copy the title so that you can paste it in. (system should know the item)
Step 8: If you want to create a 2 way link, you must now start the whole process over.

This is especially cumbersome if you want to link multiple stories together. Perhaps the user found the issue when they were testing another issue. Or a potential fix, may impact a separate story.