The ScrumMaster and Product Owner use the print capability to physically post the story cards on a wall for planning & collaboration. Prior to the enhancement we did this manually (export to xls template) and added story points to the card as part of our 'printing process'. The visibility of the points was used to plan sprints on the wall and quickly view complexity. The value is visibility and enabled quickly plan or adjust sprints as conversations just 'happened' all the time at our physical story board wall.


  • Not an issue. The estimate does indeed print. My bad!

  • Would be good if the print allowed me to customize what is printed, such as, Epic title, Feature Group, etc. Also would be good if we could color the text of the Epic or Feature Group, etc.

  • And customization would be good to include the story name on a task card. If stories have similar tasks, all the task cards look the same and you can't tell which one goes to which story.

  • We would very much like to be able to print the project name for each backlog item.

  • Basically it is a great feature to be able to print story cards but there are some improvements that can be done.

    It would also be great if there was an ordinal number on each card so that I can sort the printed cards correctly after cutting them. The number should be based on the order in the backlog.

  • Another annoying thing is that some backlog items that contain a lot of text in the description becomes wider when printing than the other stories. This means that a part of the wider card is cut away if I cut the whole pile with a paper cutter. The cards looks good on the screen in Chrome and Chromium but when printing, it re-sizes. In Firefox it does not look good on the screen either.

  • Would be good if the print allowed me to customize what is printed, such as, Project name, Epic title, Feature Group, etc. Would be good if we could color the text of the Epic or Feature Group, etc.

  • Would be good if the print allowed me to customize what is printed, such as, Project name, Epic title, Feature Group, Task Estimate, Task effort todo, enable avatar on off etc.

  • Would be extremely useful and handy if the card print layout could follow the layout defined in Sprint Tracking -> Storyboard -> <wrench icon> -> Customize -> Card Options.

  • I would like to see an option to add epic, feature group, and order to the story cards.

  • Absolutely necessary the ability to customize all cards. Desired flexibility: where titles, names, estimates, etc. are placed as well as how large the field for each (avoids field content being cut) are. Two thumbs up!

  • I need this! Currently I'm exporting the cards to Excel then customizing the fields to print out using Avery Label for Index Cards -- it's a big pain and tedious. I would just like to be able to have the Tasks cards to print out with the Estimate in Large font in the corner, the person who is assigned, the User Story it's associated with and the Conditions of Satisifaction (which get cut off currently when using Print Card function directly from V1).

  • Yes, please allow customization of fields on Print Cards. I might want to show Epic (but NOT estimate or story owner).

  • Agreed! If we could specify our own XSL stylesheets when we are using hosted Version One, instead of them having to come from /s/custom/, we could at least set up our own stylesheets to print custom StoryCards.

    But a drag-and-drop GUI would even better, since most people won't want to code their own stylesheets.

    Perhaps something like the page builder GUI used by Boonex's Dolphin CMS. You can see it under the admin demo here:

  • Each of our cards are using format

    As a ...
    I want to...
    So that...

    Acceptance criterias
    AC1: ....
    AC2: ....

    And even half of this info does not get fit into the printed cards, and there is no way to customize the font size used for description

  • We also need this. As displayed, the html - layout does not fit our needs and i would advice to create a feature to customize the layout. Especially the task-board cards have no relation to the storycards, so that we are forced to export to excel and generate our selfs the card for the physical scrum-board.

  • I have the same problem as Arttu and would very much be able to customize the cards.

  • I totally agree with the previous comments about this issue. We need the functionality to be able t customize especially the story card - at least the acceptance criteria (which in our case is our own custom field) and the parent backlog item (epic, feature) is needed. Also the possibility to see feature group would also be nice.

  • Yet another need came into my mind. We would need to have printout also not only of Stories but also of epics and features.

  • Nice to have customizable cards to print out for release planning

  • We do Release Planning with 15 teams with many integration points. this is best done physically with cards and having the right information of the cards makes it a lot easier. We use Epics and stories so it would be great if they were both customisable!

  • Would be nice to see "cards" as a layout option in the Analytics custom reporting module. From there you should be able to customize the layout of the text fields, adjust font sizes, do multi-column, etc.

  • I would like to add Complexity to cards for when I do Story Mapping on new projects as well as the Portfolio Item it ties too.

  • Yes, this would be extremely helpful. We use the printed cards in certain circumstances, and it would be helpful if the cards included fields that may have been customized by VersionOne for that user. For example, I would like to see Notes and our customized Acceptance Criteria fields on the card.

  • I will print some off today and add to the discussion.

  • Seems to be a nice feature. If the title is too long or there is too much text then it doesn't fit properly. Though that is something we can manage.

  • The print card feature balances the content vs. a standard sized output, so the space is limited and most valuable standard fields are shown. Note that there is a more flexible option if you really want to create cards that contain more or different information. See the Formatting Output section on that talks about using an xsl template (supplied) that you can customize and apply to a data export to create your own card views. Knowledge of xsl is required, so this is a more technical route than a built-in feature, but it is one option the is currently available.

  • Hello Mark,
    "Technical" XSL solution is not problem - however, for on-demand (hosted) customers like we, it's not very handy solution. How can I even get my custom XSLs to our server (only by contacting V1 support?)

    As there is that many requests for this feature, could you please kindly create a good template XSL for story card printing purposes, write a short knowledge base article and put all that (article + XSL) available for our customization.

  • No more updates on this idea?
    We do also need a customization option like in the grid view. Missing are as of today:
    - Project
    - Upstream/Downstream Dependencies
    - Product Owner (not only Owner)
    - Order

  • When I print the story cards, the text gets chopped off even though there is plenty of room to fit more. Come on, you can make printing customizable. Jira has print templates, you can too.

  • The Print Card option doesn't show the info I want, so I have to export the correct fields to Excel and do a mail merge in Word to have useful, printable cards.

  • I would like to print story cards in different colors which will be helpful in identifying similar kind of stories and will be easier to manage.
    for example color by owner or task do-er during meeting it would be easier and quicker to identify when printed cards are in color instead of identifying by names.
    Or prefered color by portfolio items colors.

  • The print Story cards is very helpful for PI planning. Being able to print Features would be helpful for WSJFing. The export to Excel and doing a mail merge is a pain. It would be great to have the ability to print Features to cards to show the columns that are currently in the customized view we set up. That way if we want Product Owner or WSJF fields they would show on the card. We understand that truncation would be needed for the display. Thank you for your help!

  • +1 for adding additional fields available when printing. Right now you can customize the story board view with additional fields, but when you print them from the backlog or other only default fields show up. We want to add the Portfolio level item its tied to.

  • Yes, please. Ability to customize what fields display on the story card +1

    Also, please consider an additional output as printing individual PNGs for each story card and saving to a file folder. Since we have moved to remote, printing on paper and cutting them out is not something our team can use for collaboration. If you can 'print' the set of cards as separate small PNGs (or jpg, or some common image type), that would be PHENOMENAL, so we can pull it into our collaborative whiteboard spaces.