On the storyboard view when columns are defined by active status values, if no backlog items that have no status assigned are in a sprint, then the (None) column on the Storyboard view will be empty. Therefore, it would seem logical that if there was nothing in (None) there would be no good reason to display the (None) column. This doesn’t seem to be the case, however. Having the None column there seems to be confusing for teams sometime.

Recommend hiding the (None) column when no backlog items that have no assigned status are in a sprint or else an option to simply hide the (None) column.


  • This is a similar concern that I've come across on our Kanban board. Unlike other statuses that I can enable and disable in the Project Workspace Assets, None/Null is still a "status" in the sense that it not only an option, but also a column on the Kanban board. We would like to have the ability to not have the Null/None status and column in an effor to be more specific in Reporting and our Processes.

  • We are also trying to use V1 for Kanban,and the (None)column is very awkward. The point is that board must provide a visual representation of our workflow that the team and stakeholders can readily understand. We need to be able to hide or re-label the (None) column to achieve this.

  • This is a waste of space for us. Status field is required for us to have a record and nothing would ever appear in this column. Maybe there is a scenario where it could happen (import maybe?) but we would like to hide it.

  • This needs to be removed from both Storyboad and Taskboard. Any idea when this will happen?

  • "None" or blank should be removed from all areas (all drop down values). That creates lots of issue. If someone wants to have None, they can add it anyway.

  • Can someone from VersionOne at least point us to the Help describing the different semantics, or use cases within a sprint, differentiating "(None)" from "Future"? I was thinking "(None)" might be for planned backlog items within a sprint that were not yet started, and "Future" mighyt be a state to alert the PO that something has been identified that cannot be completed within the active sprint. But then I see many putting all sstories within a sprint into the "Future" state. I can find very little description on this within V1 online Help, or on the web, other than this request to remove or hide the "(None)" column.

  • The "None" column is just taking up valuable screen space. Please let us know how to get rid of this column. Thanks!

  • Agreed with other voters - please add option to hide the 'None' column.

  • Yes, I agree. Please let us hide the None column.

  • hide it please and let me hide other statuses as well!

  • I also would really like to be able to hide this. It takes up unnecessary space on the screen and it is also confuses some of our members at the daily stand up meetings.

  • The none column is really just a waste of screen space and would be better handled as a dedicated to status. We would like to be able to disable the column (and possibility of having stories/tasks in this non-state).

  • My team would like the ability to also rename the (None) column if they can't remove it.

  • Yes - give me the option to remove this column or at least rename it. We never have anything that is "None" ... only real statuses, like Waiting to Start, In Progress, etc. This applies to stories and tasks.

  • Please remove the column as it serves no purpose for users. Suggestion: Enable default allocation of the Backlog state to the first state in the applicable board.

  • I agree that the (None) column on the storyboard takes up valuable screen space and seems to provide no value.

    Would someone from VersionOne please comment on this idea, and explain what is the problem being solved by showing the (None) column? Thank you!

  • +1

  • Hiding the None column for me would not be needed if I could change the label to i.e. To-Do. Having (None) on a board is confusing for the teams ... they are used to | to-do | in-progress | done | type of column names.

  • And it can be done:

    An admin can do that from the UI:


    Or: configuration -> Terminology -> Other overrides -> Add None -> add the text you want to replace it with.

  • I think this idea could be closed...
    It IS controllable with an override and no longer appears on the story board. Further, it is a valid column. If your task is not "In Progress" and not "Completed" where else should it go? It has no status; thus: "none".

    For those using the override, don't use the (). Just override "None"

  • Does the override remove it from appearing all together or only when nothing is in that column?

  • Possible answer to "where else should it go" - if there's no status, the workitem should be in the backlog, not on the board. But I understand there are many ways to manage work.
    I see the override option, that could be "Make Ready" or "Design" or "Intake" or whatever you want. Essentially a default status for any new thing you put in the system. Might be difficult to retrofit, and to teach people that removing any status will put it in that column label, but it is a workaround.

  • I don't have an issue with the column showing up if a class of service has been chosen, but no status. However, if there isn't anything to display in the column, the column "None" shouldn't display - just like those other status columns.

  • We neeed this asap

  • 'none' has no meaning from my perspective, and teams should have the option to remove or rename. I am unable to find V1 documentation that explains how it is to be used, so that in itself has me questioning the value of it being required for sprints.

  • These comments have been going on for over a year now and still no response. This none column is ridiculous and needs to be removed.

  • @kim d - my thoughts exactly.

    assuming that the issue # are consecutive, this was actually requested well over 5 years ago, as I had tracked ID #24617, which was created in May 2015, and that's a much higher that #1236

  • Received the following from V1 Support: "There is not the ability to remove the None column. You could rename the title None from the Terminology UI. Or you could show the Roll-up Category. Those are the only two alternatives." Go to "Admin > Terminology". In the "Other Labels" section I added a new label for the Tag "None" e.g. "On Deck". The "None" column now appears as "On Deck" in the team rooms. The issue appears to be only for "Sprint" Team Flow based rooms whereas the "Kanban" Team Flow based rooms, the "None" column doesn't appear at all.

  • The problem with renaming is that it renames BOTH the None columns (one on the storyboard and one on the Taskboard).

    V1 needs to know that these forced default settings do not apply to every single implementation of agile and kanban. We need to have full control over our boards.