Every time an item is opened you have to expand the section you’re interested in, i.e Details or Manage Relations.
This takes up valuable time and wasted mouse clicks and is error prone where something can be overlooked.
In my opinion this new feature should be rolled back or user configurable, who's with me?


  • our developpers are missing verifies.

  • To go along with this one, I would also like to point out that the description needs a way to quickly expand the height (link/button) on edit. Almost every single time we edit something, we have to use the mouse on the corner of the description textbox, in order to make it bigger.

  • I frequently need to use the filter capability to filter a list of users, e.g. when making a member group. Every time I search for a user, the filter control collapses, so I have to expand it again to search for another user. If it could just stay expanded I wouldn't have to do this and it would save some aggravation.

  • Note: this seems to be the same as Idea #1147 and #1234

    So please cast a vote for Idea #930 so we can get that one implemented.