When breaking down an epic, I want to Add Story from Template. At the moment, the only option is to breakdown the epic into default (blank) stories.

At the moment, the Template feature is not usable with the Epic Breakdown screen.


  • i agree.we usually create an epic and start creating stories under it and work from the EPIC tree view to do so and we dont see an option to create a story from a teamplate option..this just make very cumbersome to go to a team room view or template view to use the temmplate

  • We really need this - many of our teams need to set a few fields on stories, such as Team, Product Owner and some internally created fields. It would be much better for a PO/Team to pick from a filtered list of their team's specific templates each time they add another story to a portfolio Item, so that it saves them data entry time across several fields on a story each time. This must also apply for the same reason with adding defects to a portfolio item,

  • Agreed, this would save our team a lot of time! Thanks

  • Please! This would be so much more efficient. Thanks.

  • Yes. When adding stories or defects to an Epic or adding Defects to an issue, we would like to select a template for the tasks and tests.

  • This would be such a productivity boost to have. It also seems like a no-brainer to add. Please add this yesterday. :)

  • Please, this would mean so much to our Teams in TECH Systems! It is so much nicer that they can keep their eyes on the ball (the feature)and not miss a beat when it comes to creating the apparently so "elusive" concept of a good documentation story ;-)

  • This will simplify our usage of the system significantly.