Would like to see the average velocity displayed on the Project Velocity Report and the Velocity Trend Report for a selected project. Currently, it is not shown on the Project Velocity Report and is just a dotted line on the Velocity Trend Report.


  • Actually I would like to see velocity as more than an average. Mike Cohn recommends a window - 3 worst case averaged together for the "low side", the average, and and average of the 3 best for the "high side" - all of which should only go back 8 sprints (or perhaps shuold be configurable). By doing this you can get a window of velocity for better release planning that will become more deterministic the closer you get to the release date. See http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/system/presentation/file/95/Cohn_SDWest2009_AEP.pdf - slides 46 onwards as a reference.

  • Any progress on these ideas?

  • Various metrics (e.g. as suggested by Mike Cohn) would indeed be interesting.

  • Yes, this is a great idea. To correct this comment, the dotted line on the Velocity Trend Report is not average velocity. I just found out from VersionOne support that "The Average Estimate <the dotted line> is not the same as the Average Velocity. The average estimate is the average of the estimate pts that existed in the selected project, team, and date range that are included in the velocity calculation, but it's not the same as the Velocity. The Velocity is the sum of the pts that were completed. The average estimate is ALL pts, not just completed. "