During the creation of the backlog, often times we discover a common pattern of attributes being used for several of the backlog items. It would helpful to be able to generate a template from an existing BLI or defect that could be used for future iterations on the current project as well as other projects. This would give a team some consistency for those BLIs that have similar attributes such as the BLI definition, complexity, estimate, tasks, tests etc. It would also help to speed up the building of the initial backlog and during iteration planning as additional BLIs are added.


  • This can be done using the API, but it is a pain. It would be nice to have it in the UI.

  • We use our templates as regression tests. We create a backlog item template then create a group of tests under that item to outline the requirements for that functionality. We then fill in all the test steps and expected results, this way we can add these tests to a later sprint. We would like to be able to add a test task from a current sprint to a template backlog item for future use as a regression test.

  • Could my request be considered a future enhancement? It would be nice to add to the Edit (dropdown list) for a backlog item (convert to Template) or to the Move To option.

  • I can't believe this isn't in the product. Making Temples is fine and all, but the reality is you make Templates AFTER you've first created Backlog Items ...and then realize this is going to be a common task, so you want to convert/copy it to a Template. Duh!