The 2012 release dropped the ability to easily convert between epics and stories. I would like to be able to decompose my epics until I decide I have gone deep enough, and then convert the lowest level epic into a story. With the separation of data structires between the two I know we would lose many settings, but as the main use would be early in the process there is likely not much to lose.


  • Agreed. This is particularly useful when importing data from another system where the concept of Epics may not exist and 'parent-child' stories are used instead.

  • And the ability to convert between epics and stories MUST be included in the API in addition to the user interface(UI). For instance, the UI currently has an operation to Generate a Parent Epic for a story that I would like use programmatically through the API, but cannot.

  • +1. I've just returned to VersionOne after an absence, and am surprised that this facility has been removed - its invaluable when developing a large backlog, where it's not clear at first whether a item will be a story or an epic.

  • Ditto: It's not clear at first whether a item will be a story or an epic.

  • Yes, we've actually had to manually take care of this. The ability to convert epics and stories would be a boon!

  • Still hoping for this

  • Has this been done yet? Can we convert epics to stories in VersionOne?

  • Just had this come up today. Something we had originally written as a story was identified as an Epic/Portfolio Item by the team in backlog grooming. Would be great if we could easily convert that story to an Epic in one click.

  • Just sent something to support today:L
    I have a portfolio item that is actually a story, I do not want to delete all the history and conversations on the item but it needs to be a story.

  • This is a very important feature for us, so I've voted for it today. Need ability to convert PORTFOLIO ITEM aka 'E-#####' to BACKLOG ITEM aka 'B-#####' and vice versa. Doing a lot of manual re-work right now and it is painful on both time and adoption end points.

  • This would be helpful when using the BIG Story type as a portfolio item and the team would like to actually convert it to a story type.