Voting for something on Ideaspace means I support it. I might not want it to be built at the cost of not getting another thing I voted for.

We need a way to vote for things we think we like but vote stronger for things we really need.

Either let me rank the things I vote (points) or let me vote and assign and Low, Medium, High value to sort out the vote.


  • I immediately noticed the same thing. Rather then a binary yes/no, how about some sort of scale(1-5, 1-10, high-medium-low, etc).

  • Ranking introduces the prioritization, right in line with scrum and agile :)

  • agreed - some indicator of "importance" would be great

  • Hmmm, hopefully configurable to disable. We're introducing this to John Q Public and everyone is going to think their item is "high" or a "#1". If your ideas are only coming from internal stakeholders, this makes more sense.....

  • similar to another idea posted "vote ideas down"

  • User should be able to indicate how painful the absence of certain functionality is, which will help with prioritization but the two are not the same thing. Would like some way to customize the values that we allow users to put in when voting in terms of how important it is to them.

  • Looking at the Planned tab, it is not clear how those four items, with such low votes, are planned or in progress, while others with hundreds of votes, have been outstanding for years. VersionOne should explain to the IdeaSpace community. Why vote at all?