Meaning, I can’t add a required field for one project without also affecting another.


  • I find it confusing that this "required option" for assetts is managed from the Administration > Display Fields > Project Workspace Assets, even though it is global. So this capability is not only missing, it is also made confusing beacuse of where it it located in VersionOne. Making a field be required on a project workspace-by-workspace basis is critical for my teams.

  • We have two companies using VersionOne under one System Administration level, so the necessity of making some fields required is vital to our reporting data up to our senior leadership for one company. We should be able to make a field required at our own level without affecting the rest of the projects globally. We want this ability so our teams' reporting gathers the correct information.

  • We also need to be able to set fields as Required for specific projects only (and totally invisible to other projects). Please note that you have 3 different "Ideas" (that I've found so far) all related to this, with a total of 58 votes between the 3 of them. Can you get this supported please!!?

  • This is a much needed piece of functionality that V1 has to include. It makes perfect sense to have a workspace create, then make only certain fields in that workspace become required without affecting other projects/workspaces.

  • This is such an obvious requirement, I cannot quite comprehend why it is still not fixed. It simply makes it nearly impossible to require any field in any real world installation of V1 serving multiple projects.

  • I feel by not implementing this VersionOne has caused a defect. If a project is not showing a field which is mandatory than backlogs can not be saved for that project. I wish this issue will be resolved soon.

  • Being able to help "guide" team members with required fields will definitely help with keeping the metrics we use in our organization a lot cleaner. Trying to police the data entry of large groups of Product Owners and team members is challenging at best.

  • We have multiple teams using different methodologies, so a field that should be required for one team may be disabled (not visible) in the workspace of another team. This effectively means that no fields can be required for any team when the required field setting is global.

  • Really frustrated by existing functionality. We have multiple teams using different methodologies too.

  • +1

  • I get both sides of this issue. In an ideal world, required fields should not be necessary. Typically required fields are there to drive some report or metric. It can easily be construed as bad practice since agile tries to empower people to solve things the way they want to, not the way some report designer or report jockey wants it. I would like some ability to have middle ground here. Like a "highly recommended field" that has a different background color or a popup that reminds people.

    On the other hand, forcing someone to fill in a field that they might not have data for, or the data comes later in the process, can easily either discourage the entry of work items (muy bad) or the entry of garbage data (also muy bad). My current company is in this conundrum because they want to require the Parent Portfolio Item selection. This is great because orphaned work items are evil. But if there is no parent, if the portfolio has not yet been defined, if they don't know what to link it to, it either doesn't get into the system, or it goes in under some other (likely improper) portfolio item where it does not belong and which not only doesn't solve a problem, but rather creates an additional problem.

  • In the Spring 2020 release we introduced Important Fields. This feature allows organizations to specify by workspace which fields are important for downstream reporting. Details can be found at