It would be really helpful to be able to select multiple Workitems and then set the Owner or Customer for them in one action.

I've just set the same customer for 15 workitems for the current iteration and it's so laborious.
It's a similar action to assigning teams, or moving stories to an iteration.


  • It would also be helpful if it would assign the tasks within a story at the same time, or perhaps give you that option.

  • The ability to multi-select and set a value is just generally useful and could be applied to many other fields in addition to owner and customer:
    Team - we've created a new team to handle several issues.
    Sprint - several things have come up and we have to move these to another sprint.
    Project - we just plain made a mistake and put these under the wrong project.
    Status - I'm suddenly blocked on several things.

  • My users are asking to be able to set the owner and status of multiple issues at once.

  • In the backlog it would be really nice to be able to set the owner on multiple user stories at the same time. Thank you...

  • It would be helpful to add multiple tasks within one story to one owner in one action!