Lots of people on a project could not care less about sprints, and/or need to report to customers who are expecting traditional date-based representations, e.g., GANTT charts, or simply answer the question "when will it be done?"

It would be nice if your tool could support this by producing GANTT-formatted output directly in various ways. E.g., with a user story per row, a feature per row, etc. Extra points for MS Project format.


  • I personally don't like GANTT charts but working with a large government agency that moves very slowly I understand their perceived need to have these types of charts. If I could get a chart created based upon a notional assignment of user stories to sprints then I feel I could use that a lure or a bridge) to pull them into the VersionOne world. I think of it as a sort of compromise to get them into the agile world. Hence I'd like to request that VersionOne directly create a chart that shows all of the user stories in sprint in one column, with the next column being the next sprint and so on. Epics could run across the columns according to how they were assigned to sprints.

    For the purists it might also be good to make the existence of the chart something that could be configured at the project level by a project lead or system admin with the default to not be available.

  • Yes, a Project Timeline but for Story/Defect would be great!