In case story is opened in window it should have expanded description field, so person can read whole text quickly.

This option might be selected in user preferences.


  • If there is not a preference or way to do this today, I second that for me with a big monitor that I want this option.

  • The votes for this are a little misleading. There are at least two other a 'ideas' that are the exact same suggestion:

  • A co-worker added an image/snapshot to a task with around 5 blank lines at the beginning of the description and before the image. When I opened the task, I did not notice the image due to the blank lines and by default, only a few lines show without hitting the EXPAND button. It would be nice if the descriptions were expanded by default, or at least scaled to an appropriate size in comparison to the view with a SCROLL BAR to know that there may be more info in the description. There appears to be MUCH WASTED vertical space that could be used to show more of the description than just a few lines.

  • Note: this seems to be the same as Idea #1147 and #1234

    So please cast a vote for Idea #930 so we can get that one implemented.

  • I find it annoying that I need to expand Acceptance Criteria and Description. Only a few lines are displays and we are constantly expanding.

  • We have expand the description everytime we open a User story or Defect. Since the description is the most used field it should auto expand. Its the whole point to see the description. In the latest releases von VersionOne it got even worse. Now we see only 4 lines of description while I have huge empty screen space vertically.

    I would collapse the meta attributes of a a user story / defect, remove empty fields from view, auto expand description. Make it an option so a user or customer can choose the preferred setting. Its really annoying as it is right now (Summer 2019 update)

  • This feature is very needed. Description field is important to read the most important infos about the issue. Please provide us some support.

  • HEllo V1,

    Is this feature on the roadmap?

  • Hello again,

    This feature is still within the new production release not available. Do you have any feedback on this one?