In addition to the Kanban metric of cycle time, it would be very useful to also know the average "wait time" of an item, i.e. the time from when an item enters / is created in the Kanban "sprint" and the time it goes into the first status column that starts the cycle time clock. In essence the time period the item has been idle and in the queue before it's being worked on.
Unlike cycle time, this would not have to be done by size (points), but the option of doing it "by lane" would be useful due to different classes of service.


  • This would be a useful feature

  • I believe this sounds like lead time. It would be very useful to understand lead time.

  • This would be very helpful.

  • Yes and...

    1) Measuring lead time from when an asset is created date/time to "done done" would be useful. As created is not associated to a specific workflow state, it could be started with the create date/time.

    2) Average lead time can be a valuable measure. An even more valuable one is a frequency distribution chart of lead time: y-axis is count, and x-axis is lead time. This visualization method can reveal difference classes of service and work types that were previously hidden in the "average lead time" data.

    Thank you!