Get a new HTML editor for the description. The current description editor does not support copied text from Google Docs. I am not asking for bells and whistles. I just want better parsing and formatting for [Line Breaks, paragraphs, indents, consistent font size for copied in text, better UL and LI]


  • Currently, we've seen a bug whereby you can't hit <Enter> in the Description field. Seems to be mostly related to when text is copied from an email.

    Really need ability to change font in the Description field!!

  • I want it to be markdown with an immediate preview. Here is an immediate preview js library, please use it:

  • Agreed. Any improvement to the built in editor would be appreciated.

  • Complete overhaul is needed. I just logged a request to have font color and single space of items in the description box. This area is definitely not user friendly in this day and age. I can copy/paste text & images but you can only do so in FireFox. IE and Chrome still can't handle it.

  • +1 for Markdown!!! The tinymce editor in the description is almost useless. There is no way to add links (aside from pasting the full url), inline code or code blocks! It would also be nice if there was some kind of code formatting enabled in Conversations and comments.

    Most developers are already familiar with markdown's syntax, so I can't imagine anyone complaining if all of markdown's features are supported.

    Github does a nice job of this:

  • This is probably my biggest ongoing frustration with VersionOne because I run into this issue every day - the lack of the ability to make the text in the description box have some reasonable structure. This is used by our team to hold a variety of information but it quickly becomes nearly unreadable without the ability to structure the text in a reasonable manner. Just being able to control font size/style and the abiltiy to control the distance between paragraphs would be a huge help.

  • +1

  • This is one of the most painful usability points in VersionOne. Copy and pasting from any other source is out of the question. Formatting of pasted text is very sloppy. Many times, I will see mixed fonts, mixed font sizes, bullets translated to characters, etc. If I would like to fix the formatting, I can't, because there are no controls to do so. I understand the Description Box is translated to HTML under the covers, but when parsing data from another source the behavior is unpredictable and unacceptable. If you are crafty, you can go and play around with the page's HTML before you save the story, task, etc., but I don't think you could expect a user to really do that.

    Some suggestions:
    - Ability to select from a set of fonts (including a monospace font).
    - Ability to select a font size (not a slider).
    - Ability to change font color.
    - Ability to control line spacing (single, double, etc).
    - Better parsing from externally copy/paste sources (from Word, Wordpad, Notepad, etc).

  • I concur and i really don't understand why nothing is done for so long. I would even prefer to just have the text editor i'm using to type this text. At least the fond does not change without being asked and the default font size is correct.
    It seems so easy to just add a button to switch to a simple but working text editor that i get very frustrated that nothing is done.

  • Yes please support markdown. Many other tools used in many other process's use markdown so would be a good choice

  • The rich text control supports more features and has improved interaction and flow. As of the Winter 2014 release, rich text supports embedded images (for all supported browsers), proper links, tables, and more formatting such as headers, fonts and blocks. There's better support for proper scrubbing of pasted rich text (such as from MS Word). Interactions are also improved for better keyboard support. Details of the Winter 2014 release can be found in the release notes: