Having worked in a Kanban fashion within V1 for a while now, there are a number of needs around metrics that have emerged. We would really like these capabilities:
- Displaying age of items on the board and report on them as well. (# of days since starting work)
- Special "history" of BLIs, i.e. history of dates when items have started (DEV), changed column, and exited the queue
- Report on which items have entered and completed the work queue within a configurable time unit (e.g. which stories and defects has the team started and finished within the last 2 weeks?) - "artificial velocity"
- "Kanban velocity trend" over time, e.g. show bar chart with total points completed every 2 weeks for the last 6 months)
- In addition to the report above, be able to report on # of points delivered by configurable time unit, e.g. the team completed x story points in the last 4 weeks)
- Report on wait/lead time in addition to cycle time (e.g. avg wait time from "ready" to "development") (extra icing on the cake: bar chart with distribution)
- It would be great if all Kanban metrics could be generated / grouped by the same fields also used for swim lanes (different service levels may have different characteristics)


  • Useful to have a reporting capability in VersionOne that can extract data of backlog items within a specified date range and meet the specific condition (such as when an item is moved between swim lanes in a Kanban board)

  • I agree with these. We use SLA's for our Kanban metrics based off Cycle Time and Throughput we develop a statement. 70% of the time we complete a story in X days. We then track our performance against that. Would be nice if we could get this out of V1

  • Yes, the tool is very centered around scrum and the kanban metrics are very lacking. I agree with all of the above, including the need to remove weekends, holidays, and even lab days would be nice.

  • We REALLY need to be able to remove holidays. We just moved from Scrum to Kanban and I can't effectively coach the team to make a commitment if there is such a wide variance in cycle time due to extra days. a two day story (started friday, finished monday, looks like a day story. Over time, this is unreliable and frustrating to the team.

  • Kanban reports, such as lead and cycle time, would be helpful. Right now I am fumbling around with analytics to try to get something usable. Unfortunately it is turning into an export into excel and reporting from there. Very ineffective.

  • +1

  • We have more and more teams using kanban (more than 150 people, +50 during the last quarter). They need these metrics to manage their improvement.

  • Everyone is calling these metrics when it appears that everyone is actually talking about reporting. All this data is indeed in the system, it is just currently difficult or time consuming to get at it. I think the real ask here is for the Reporting team at V1/Collab to build out several Kanban-specific reports that focus on lead time, cycle time, flow, bottlenecks, maybe WIP overages, and give the ability to report on a timebox other than the default 1 week.

    I'd also like to see some deeper reporting for Kanban at the portfolio levels where you have to understand the flow at much higher levels with lots of teams/members/PIs/etc rolled up and be able to compare across orgganizations for example.