Current projects are presented in an alphabetical order. Using scrum in the enterprise, it is difficult to convey relative project priorities.

As an enterprise user, I would like to be able to have the ability to order children project relative to each other so that other can easily the relative order of projects.


  • This is CRITICAL. At the parent project I have over 1500 backlog items and there are child project which I want to order in the overall backlog. This is nearly impossible without being able to move/change ranking of an entire child project.

  • I agreee, please implement the ranking mechanism.
    And why the decision to rank alphabetical - it would make more sense to rank on start-date.

  • Alphabetical project listings works great for us. Our project priorities change sprint to sprint, based on upcoming deliveries. I would go mad if my project list was changing order every sprint!

  • Our work is organized by value stream and the customer journey. Every company organizes around a different flow and organization of their work and it would be helpful to be able to order the work/project tree manually; default by alpha.