I would like to be able to create a custom field that was a "user" type that showed the list of users as its selection. Even better if this was multi-select.


  • so you want another field like owner and product owner, but a different label?

  • No, I want a custom field data type, like we have Text, Number, Checkbox, that is "User List" that shows the list of users as its data. I would like to add a custom field called "Reviewer" that would be an existing V1 user. I have to type in the name today. It would be nice to just select it.

  • Big yes to this one! My inability to define a custom field which tracks who requested a given item has been especially irksome.

  • Yes, to this. Should the list only show people who have access to this project? or who? May need a second box to select user list and then owners, team members, visitors, or ??

  • In the beginning it would be best to have all users with access to this backlog in the list.
    Later it would be nice to have a custom list of type "Members" and then in a second drop-down you can select the role.

  • I vote YES on this too. We are interested in capturing a user name for a field on a backlog item. In our particular case, we are interested in capturing the name of the system user who wrote a story / backlog item and have this persist on the story / backlog item independent of the Story Owner.

  • Yes on this one as well. We can create drop down lists, why not make the user list available as a standard drop down? Would really help.

  • Yes on this, we definitely would like to be able to track "Reviewer".

  • Hi! this has been reported from us the first time in June 2009 and it's still not there ... :(

  • We just implemented Ideas in the last 2 months. I have customers that want to review the ideas they have submitted. There is no way to filter on "Company Name". This information is captured during the registration process. How hard can it be be extract that information and add it as a filter criteria.

  • This is a big one for my group, as there are multiple stakeholders in different orgs that need visibility. I would want to be able to add a custom field and use the same owner list that is standard.

  • This is a commonly used type of field, user pick list type, which is standard in other tools, like JIRA, so why VersionOne does not have it?
    The support team told me to create a regular list type and add the users into it manually. This is insane, given the dynamic nature of the user list and the limit of Versionone list type configuration screen (only display page of 10 values at a time, and no auto sort, no import option, but this is another improvement request)

  • Agreed, I'm looking for this feature now so that we can resource plan by skill set! And so we can see when a person is fulfilling multiple skill sets.

  • on backlog item we need to have a single owner, but thew owner field is used for the list of notified stakeholder. having the possibility to have a custom user field would allow us to differentiate them.
    We currently do it with a "free text" field for the "owner" but we have some time spelling error on name that make this use difficult.

  • This feature must be added. I cannot believe that Ideaspace so not Important is...