V1Jira Integration: Allow mapping an issue in 1 JiraProject to many V1Projects, based on a Jira subproject condition

The way we use Jira is to have a Project and then within the project we have multiple subprojects.
Each Jira issue has a condition based on a Subproject field.
(Subproject is an actual menu field in the Jira record).

In VersionOne each Project is equivalent to one of the Subprojects in our Jira Project.
We would like to be able to create mappings from a Jira Project using a condition based on subproject to map to a VersionOne Project.
We would like to be able to have multiple mappings of this sort active at one time.

For example:-

JiraProjectAAA > subproject1 map to V1projectWWW
JiraProjectAAA > subproject2 map to V1projectZZZ

JiraProjectBBB > subproject1 map to V1projectYYY