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    assign epic or story to multiple teams

    Our teams are broken into 3 levels: 1) UI, 2) Services, 3) back end systems. In order for some slices of funcitonality to be tested and signed off, each step (level), ...

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    Allow user to clear time in the Timesheet view without requiring a 0hr ...

    As a team member I want the time entry field to not force the entry of a 0 when I clear a time sheet entry so that I do not have to do something that the application ...

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    Allow Tasks to be converted to Stories or Defects

    We are using Tasks as Defects, as the tool suggests, but many times during the development cycles a Task bug will not be fixed due to varies reasons. I would like to be ...

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    Remove holidays in Version1 burndown

    If one day in the Sprint is a public holiday, the burndown line on that day will be flat. This is annoying and gives a wrong impression of the burndown. I need something ...

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    Add a "Split To Backlog Item" field

    It would be nice to know when a story was split forward, not just that it was split from a previous story.

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    Add percent complete as a customization on Epics not just a status bar ...

    I like the status bar on Epic trees that shows closed vs open but I have to then go compute the percent complete on each Epic for management each sprint. This means I ...

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    Show the blocking issue icon in a different color when it is resolved.

    Our business and testing team uses the blocking issues quite a bit. They are a great indicator when a issue needs to be resolved. However, once they are fixed and we ...

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    Automatically burn down the TO DO value to zero when a task is moved ...

    The scrum master would find this useful especially if there are many tasks that need to be burned down to zero once completed. Once the task is moved to the completed ...

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    Be able to see both tasks and tests on the same board (task + test ...

    Right now you have to visit both the task board and test board. It'd be nice if there was a combined view showing both items allowing users to sign up, move items, etc ...

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    Card Aging: Ability to configure work days (e.g. exclude weekends)

    Add the ability to configure standard work days for card aging (or minimally be able to exclude weekends). Currently cards age over weekends.

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    Hide (None) Column on Storyboard

    On the storyboard view when columns are defined by active status values, if no backlog items that have no status assigned are in a sprint, then the (None) column on the ...

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    Current Status Field

    I would like to see a current status field added to each story. This is used to provide current status for anyone looking at the story. The Owner would add a status ...

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    Show Acceptance Criteria preview when hover your mouse over a story

    When you hover over your mouse in storyboard or team room the story description is shown. As we can define acceptance criteria in the separate field we would like to see ...

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    Convert a stroy task into a backlog item (story or defect)

    During planning we often put all the task related to a story and during the sprint we find that we are either lacking time to complete a particular task or that we under ...

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    When team member marks all tasks under a story 'completed' - the story ...

    Both the Story and its tasks start off with status = NULL. If would be great if when 1 or more tasks under a story gets updated to a status of 'In Progress' or greater ...

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    Export Timesheet data

    Ability for individual users to export Timesheet data into Excel would help with adoption of this feature in my company. We have a separate timekeeping program which does ...

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    retrospective after iteration close

    Sometimes we close our iteration accidently before logging the retrospective. There is no way to log the retrospective without reopening the iteration. I would like to ...

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    Include task ID on task & test cards / customise content

    Our main requirement is to include the task/test ID on task/test cards. When referring to items in standup, or reviews, it's very handy to be able to refer to a task or ...

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    Allow for views in Portfolio Kanban

    Similar to other areas within VersionOne, I'd like the ability to create and save views for the Portfolio Kanban board.

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    Add Capacity (high-water mark) to Sprint Burndown

    At present, the Sprint Burndown shows the actual progress relative to the ideal burndown. However, this does not reflect whether there is cause for alarm. If the Sprint ...